Quality Assurance

From the ground up

Quality control is a must. From years of industry experience, we bring together the specialists from growers to product manufacturers to create our unique recipes. All products are tested for potency, consistency and reliability. Stringent quality control is part of the Herb Angels difference. Try it for yourself, or read on.

>>The HerbAngels Difference

Superior Sourcing

From the ground up

At first glance, there is nothing unique about a hemp seed. Yet, the power of the green hemp plant and cannabis plant has inspired so many people in all areas of products and treatments many different types of ailments. From cannabis oils, pure extract concentrates like THC Distillate and CBD Isolate, there is noticeable quality for our products.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Testing

Where we believe you are the priority.

In line with Health Canada’s mandates, we offer both microbiology, and chemistry analysis of products including aflatoxins, pesticides and basic potency. We also offer additional services that can assist in identifying and increasing the knowledge of your product such as terpene profiles, solvent residue, and complete potency testing – which searches additional cannabinoids.

Full Traceability & Transparency

HerbAngels gives customers and partners greater peace of mind by providing batch and lot numbers for each product. We identify each batch of a product that we create. This is essential to ensuring consistent quality. We provide full transparency to our customers about what they are buying at any point in time.

It also assures that should an issue arise, we can rapidly perform a recall on that specific batch and know who may be in possession of a product derived from that batch.

Lab test results and certificates of analysis of all of our products are available by contacting us.