Our Mission

It is our mission to help you improve your quality of life. We will acheive this through sharing our knowledge and innovation in medical cannabis. Nature and science have come together to be part of our story.

About Us

Dabbling in a Green Landscape

Founded in 2014 to provide the highest quality cannabis products
for both people and animals. We recognized the need for high
quality, consistency and optimal titration in cannabis infused
products and set out to fil these needs. HerbAngels specializes in
providing alternative medicines that are help can offer people the
chance for a better quality of life. Our goal to is offer customers with innovative, non-invasive and all natural alternative medicine wellness solutions. Our goal is to be at the cutting edge of research and developemnt of alternative medicine and to share our knowledge so others can live better lives.

We believe that our health and wellness products are helping to
shape the feeling and understanding of what cannabis actually is.
Our tinctures, shea butter infused creams, and our vape pens
designed around maximum bio-absoprtion instead of combustion,
are gaining recognition.

Why Cannabis

What do you think is the most
convincing argument for the use
of cannabis as medicine.

The Cannabis industry is no longer associated with the its traditional stereotypes of yester-year. The Cannabis industry is associated with health and wellness, with juicing and yoga, with self-awareness and

Ironically the most interesting changes we’ve witnessed have come
from a very cautious and reluctant legislative process. What started out being perceived as a release from prohibition is turning out to be anything but that. Capitalism, greed and politics have weighed heavily on the industry. The general public has voted, in fact they have voted with both feet and both hands across almost the entire World, but personal beliefs, misinformation, fear and even resentment or anger have had a negative effect on its development.

We are constantly working toward the betterment of one’s self?
That everyone wants to feel good everyday and that cannabis is a
proponent of that desire. A young girl we were able to assist in
mitigating her seizures, to a gentleman who was able to manage his
PTSD with our CB2 capsules, to a cancer hospital that referred
patients to us to try to help stimulate hunger, to mitigating the
effects of a client’s lyme disease, to arthritis, menstrual cramps,
prostate cancer through suppositories, the amount of relief and
happiness and enjoyment that HerbAngels have been able to help
administer has beocome our mission.

The Future of Cannabis

We can’t say enough about the research
that is required in the field of cannabis.

We can’t say enough about the research that is required in the field of cannabis. Almost no knowledge in advanced sciences, medicine, psychology or cancer research has been applied to the cannabis industry. We are aware of what society has done with a cob of corn from ethanol, to adhesives and cosmetics, to food additives, it is unfathomable to even imagine what will be discovered in the cannabis plant. Traditional research and development for cannabis remain in infancy. We are thankful for the actual DOC’s I call them, the Doctors Of Cannabis, who have developed the crude experiments over the decades that have shown undeniable efficacy to get us to this moment.

The future of cannabis and its applications will be revolutionary as its components become integrated into traditional medicines and
recreational pleasures.

We truly believe everyone wants to feel good everyday and cannabis
is going to help make that happen.